Creating and Sharing FTP Accounts

Login to cPanel by going to your domain/cPanel (ex: and entering the cPanel credentials. Then follow the steps:

Creating an FTP Account:

   1. Click "FTP Accounts" button (you can search for it in the top search bar for faster locating it).
   2. Fill out "Add FTP Account" form to create and ftp account.
   2.1. Make sure you create a strong password.
   2.2. Make sure you modifying "Directory" field to give access to only a directory(folder on the server) that you want this user to access. By default, cPanel is going to create a new directory for each new ftp account. If you don't want to create new directories, just give access to an existing directory by typing them. Usually you would need to type something like: "public_html/wp-content".
   3. Click "Create FTP Account".


Sharing an FTP Account:
   4. Down in "FTP Accounts" section click "Configure FTP Client" button.
   5. Get either manual settings or you can download the configuration settings for your FTP cliens bellow.
   5.1. Don't forget to share the password with your FTP account info.

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