Configuring FTP Accounts when DNS is configured externally

Usually, if domain points to our name servers(NS) you could use default settings given in cPanel to configure the FTP client(See Creating and Sharing FTP Accounts article). However, if your DNS set-up is a bit complicated(ex: it points to CloudFlare's NS, which then points the main domain to our IP), it is a little bit harder to understand the process of configuring the FTP client. The main problem is in "Host"(or also called "Server"). By default, cPanel would give something like "" for the Host. However, "ftp" sub-domain) points to CloudFare and it tries to locate the ftp account on their side, which does not exit, we need to point the ftp client to our side.
There are 2 approaches:
  1. We could create a subdomain on external DNS to also point to our IP, but this would take time. 
  2. You can get the current host where your files and cPanel is located(Ex: To find your server's host look at the URL when you are logged in to your cPanel(see attachment).

Once you know the host, use this host instead of given shown in cPanel. See attachments:

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